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July 2009
Item: 2009 PDGA Pro Worlds
SKU: PW0709
2009 PDGA Pro Worlds
Online Signup

2009 PDGA Pro Worlds
PDGA Sanctioned - Major
July 27 - August 1, 2009

Kansas City, MO

Please direct all registration related questions to the PDGA Office.
Email: off...@pdga.com (click the dots to reveal)
Phone: (706)261-6342

Tournament Director: Jack Lowe
Email: jlow...@att.net (click the dots to reveal)
Phone: (913)485-5123

Tournament website: www.kcworlds.com
Quick LinkTM: Players / Results

Online registration preferred. Pre-registration required. No registration day of.

Registration is currently open to those on the 09 Pro Worlds Invites list:
Quick LinkTM: 09 Pro Worlds Invites sorted Alphabetically
Quick LinkTM: 09 Pro Worlds Invites sorted by Country | State| Division | Points

OPEN REGISTRATION will begin on MON 5/25/09.

5/25/09 12:01am EST Note: Registration is now open to everyone.

6/26/09 11:45pm EST Note: The following divisions are nearing capacity. Spots are available on a first come first served basis. We will attempt to close down registration (start a WAITLIST) for these divisions as quickly as possible when the last registration for each respective division comes in. Filling out this form DOES NOT GUARANTEE A SPOT in the cases listed below.

Pool containing:
- # of players on waitlist as of 7/17/09 11:00pm EST: 6

If you would like to play, please sign up for a WAITLIST spot. You will be informed as soon as a spot opens up. Your credit card WILL NOT BE CHARGED until we have confirmed that you are accepting the spot. The sooner you get on the waitlist, the better the chance you will get in. To insure a spot in the tournament, you may want to consider playing in another division for which you are eligible.

The above counts are approximate with an average error +/- 1 (depending on daily withdrawals).

7/19/09 11:15pm EST Note: Registration for this event has closed.

PDGA Number (required)
Gender (required)

To register for Worlds, your membership MUST be 2009 current. Not current? You can sign up after completing this page by clicking on the MEMBERSHIPS link.
Players First Name (required)
Players Last Name (required)


Players Phone (required)

Address (required)


City (required)
State / Province (required)


Zip / Postal Code (required)
Country (required)


Date of Birth (required)

Players Email

T-Shirt Size

Choose your desired division:


MASTERS | born 1969 or earlier
GRANDMASTERS | born 1959 or earlier
SR GRANDMASTERS | born 1949 or earlier
LEGENDS | born 1939 or earlier

Entry includes $10 processing fee and $5 ace pool.

Mixed Doubles (required)
Doubles Partner
Not selected
Mixed Doubles (add $50.00)
Male/Female - $50/per team.

You are signing up, and paying for BOTH team members on THIS form.


If playing, please indicate FIRST NAME, LAST NAME and PDGA # of partner.
Field Events (required)
Not selected
Putting Contest (add $20.00)
Mini Golf (add $20.00)
EDGE Skillshot Challenge (add $20.00)
Long Drive Contest (add $20.00)

Field event divisions offered:
Putting Contest | Open Men, Open Women, Sr Men, Sr Women (50+)
Mini Golf | Open Men, Open Women, Sr Men, Sr Women (50+)
EDGE Skillshot Challenge | Open Men, Open Women, Sr Men, Sr Women (50+)
Long Drive Contest | All divisions

- Minimum of three players required to form division.

PDGA Awards and Hall of Fame Inductions (required)
Not selected
1 Ticket (add $15.00)
2 Tickets (add $30.00)
3 Tickets (add $45.00)
4 Tickets (add $60.00)
5 Tickets (add $75.00)

PDGA Awards and Hall of Fame Inductions and Players Celebration

The players party and PDGA Awards / Hall of Fame inductions will be held Friday, July 31st at Crossroads KC at Grinders. Food and drinks are available for this celebration, which will take place from 5:30-8:00pm.

Note - a party ticket is not required in order to attend the PDGA Awards / Hall of Fame ceremony, but you will need a ticket for the food and drinks.

Hole Sponsor (required)
Not selected
Sponsor 1 Hole (add $200.00)
Sponsor 2 Holes (add $400.00)
Sponsor 3 Holes (add $600.00)
Sponsor 4 Holes (add $800.00)
Sponsor 5 Holes (add $1000.00)
Pool Assignments

All players will receive their pool assignments at check-in. Players in the MEN'S MASTERS division will compete in more than one pool. If you are playing in this division and need to be pooled with players due to ride sharing or other legitimate reason please indicate UP TO THREE other players in your division with whom you wish to be pooled for the first days of competition (prior to the "Great Shuffle"). Due to the number of unwarranted requests in previous years we ask that players refrain from making a request unless absolutely necessary. Please note that we will attempt to honor all requests but can not guarantee a particular pool or outcome. The MEN'S OPEN division will also compete in more than one pool, but will be a seeded division... pool assignment requests are not available.

- Please separate names with a comma.

Lodging (required)
Not selected
1. Host Hotel (Westin Crown Center)
2. Other Kansas City Hotel
3. Other Hotel
4. Camping / RV
5. My Home / Local Player or Friend's House
6. Other

Please indicate what type of accommodation you expect to use at Worlds.

Career Aces

Please indicate your total holes-in-one on basket targets, in practice or competition.
Player Waiver (required)

Your typed name shall be considered equivalent to your signature on a paper form. The legal date will be the date that this form is submitted for processing through this online signup system.

"I hereby hold blameless and fully release the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA), Kansas City Flying Disc Club, the tournament directors, local and state park services, and all tournament partners/sponsors and individuals or parties associated with the 2009 PDGA Disc Golf World Championships, from all liability of personal damage or injury which I may incur before, during or after my participation in this event. I accept full and sole responsibility for any damage I may cause through negligence and/or malice, including damages orinjuries caused by my own throws in practice or competition.

I also recognize that the PDGA, Kansas City Flying Disc Club, event staff, and any other media outlets covering the event have the right and responsibility to record the event and participants via video and still photography.Such photography may be used for event publicity, public information or any other promotional use that falls within PDGA or event activities."

Note - A Parent or Guardian must sign if player is under 18 years of age.

Important Notes (required)

NOTE: All players must be 2009 PDGA current members in order to register in this event, including singles, doubles, and field events. Your 2009 memberships dues must be received prior to or on the same day as this event entry.

NOTE: All entries (including doubles and field events) and REFUND REQUESTS must be received by FRI 7/17/09 8pm EST. REFUND REQUESTS must be submitted through PDGA HQ (contact details above).

NOTE: Walk-up registration for doubles and field events will not be offered; please plan accordingly.

Please initial below:

Other Notes (required)
Thanks Again!

Entries must be received by FRI 7/17/09 8pm EST.

Charges will show up on your credit card as "FRISBEES8885969347".


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